Our Rebuilding Ministry

Eight Days of Hope has one mission — to love and serve those in need. And through our Rebuilding Ministry, we meet families and communities on their road to recovery after a natural disaster and bring a boost of hope to rebuild damaged homes and lives. When we left Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, in 2005 after helping 84 families devastated by Hurricane Katrina, we never could have guessed that Eight Days of Hope would have accomplished all it has through the Rebuilding Ministry. To date, we are humbled to have rebuilt over 4,000 homes in 9 states through the Rebuilding Ministry with the help of thousands of volunteers!

Rebuilding Homes, Rebuilding Lives

  • We’ve organized thousands of volunteers to come together and help those in need after natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding, and tornadoes.
  • From rebuilding homes to rebuilding lives, we use the gifts that God has blessed us with and bring hope to those who have experienced destruction from all types of natural disasters.
  • We invite all people to join us, skilled or less-skilled, families or contractors, to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those needing their roof fixed and their heart comforted.

Eight Days of Hope XX – Amory, MS

Our Volunteers

Become a Volunteer

To date, we’ve had roughly 55,000 volunteers come from across the globe to spread God’s joy and serve His people. If you have a willing heart, regardless of age or skill level, click below to join the Eight Days of Hope family today!

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We Can Help

Get in touch so we can assemble to bring hope and healing to your community impacted by natural disaster.

Past Efforts

Eight Days of Hope XX

Amory, MS
March 9-16, 2024
A deadly tornado outbreak impacted Amory, MS, leaving 1,500 families devastated by the storm!

Eight Days of Hope XIX

Fort Myers, FL
May 20-27, 2023
Hurricane Ian devastated Southwest Florida, leaving many displaced months after the storm.

Eight Days of Hope XVIII

Lake Charles, LA
December 3-10, 2022
Five major storms devastated the Lake Charles area, leaving little ability to recover from the repeated damage.

Eight Days of Hope XVII

LaPlace, LA
April 9-16, 2022
Hurricane Ida caused $75 billion in damages to Louisiana, leaving thousands in need of hope.