Our Safe House Ministry

Modern-day slavery is the fastest-growing organized crime in the world, and we want to do our part to help liberate those impacted. Using the skills God has given us, we work to offer construction expertise, leadership, and labor to ministries who are rescuing and restoring victims of human trafficking.

We Love and Serve Survivors of Human Trafficking

  • We help build and renovate homes where survivors can be free to safely start new lives.
  • Our skilled volunteers offer services such as framing, drywall installation, plumbing, roofing, and so much more.
  • We offer our services for 14 days to help build safe houses that offer restoration and healing to the broken-hearted.
  • We foster meaningful partnerships with churches and ministries who, together, help us bring redemption, stability, and hope to those who have lost so much.

Safe Harbor Ohio

This year, we are working closely with Safe Harbor Ohio, a refuge for girls ages 14-18 who are rescued from trafficking. This safe home will be the largest in the Northeast, serving girls from across the region.

Over the next six months, we are leading Phase 1 of construction, which includes 3 cottages, a chapel, an administrative building, and a school. This phase will cost over $3.5 million to complete, but with the help of partners across the country, we are hoping that the price of freedom will be substantially less.

“For every girl who comes to Safe Harbor, I believe God will restore not only her, but generations of her, the kids we will never meet. Your financial gift is a part of changing her story. You are a vital part of the great exchange of beauty for ashes.”

– Melissa Brown, Safe Harbor CEO



Partner with us

Become a Safe House Partner

If your ministry provides restoration for survivors of human trafficking, we invite you to submit an application to partner with us.

Partners must fulfill the following criteria:

  • The partner organization is a Christian, faith-based nonprofit
  • The partner organization is serving survivors of human trafficking
  • The partner organization has funding available for the building materials for the project
  • The partner organization has a secure facility owned by the organization, and,
  • The partner organization will provide all requirements outlined in the Memo of Understanding.


Life-Changing Ink

Partnering with Ink180

We are excited to partner with Chris Baker at Ink180, a ministry who provides free tattoo coverups and tattoo removals to Trafficking Survivors, Domestic Violence Survivors, Self Harm (Cutting) Survivors, Former Gang Members and people joining the military. Chris and his wife, Lisa, shares their talents, along with a network of other artists, to help survivors on their journey to recovery by changing symbols of captivity into pieces of freedom.

What Can You Do?

The most important way to counteract human trafficking is to raise awareness for those being targeted and to know how traffickers engage with those at risk. One popular method of recruitment is through the internet.

If you have children in your home or know other vulnerable populations, please download the list of apps below. Many of these apps have been identified by law enforcement for their use in human trafficking and sexual exploration scenarios.

Our hope is to encourage parents and adults to be a safe place for kids to confide in. You can limit Instagram or take away TikTok, but if your kid can’t go to you when they mess up, they are still at risk for unsafe online practices! Be involved in their life. Be willing to listen and understand!

volunteer cleaning floor
Volunteers needed

Become a Safe House Volunteer

To volunteer with the Safe House Ministry, you must be 18 or older, pass a background check, and be highly skilled in construction.

Your Involvement Matters

Support our Safe House Builds

We would like to give a special thank you to Hand of Hope, who generously supports the Safe House Ministry as we love and serve survivors of human trafficking.



If you would like to be involved in supporting the Safe House Ministry, please get in touch with us. Your donation directly helps the building of safe houses, and ultimately, touches the lives of so many in need of restoration.