Broadcasts and Multimedia

Our ultimate goal is to share the light and love of Christ with those around us. To do that, we document as much of our work as possible through broadcasts, video, and photography so we can truly showcase what God has allowed us to do for His people, through His grace. Take a look through our media and archives to see all of the hope we have been able to share through Him.

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Hope Reigns Radio Broadcasts

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Listen live Saturdays at 11 a.m. ET / 12 p.m. CT.


Ben Fuller

We met Ben Fuller at EDOH XVII in LaPlace, LA, and to say we fell in love with him is an understatement! Ben not only has a passion for music, but he also has a heart for serving others. Since then, Ben has traveled the country with Eight Days of Hope, loving and serving those in need through his music. We are looking forward to working together to get the word out on how people can get involved with Eight Days of Hope!

Past Efforts

Perry, FL - Mass Feeding

Perry, FL
September 3-17, 2023
Hurricane Idalia left thousands without power, needing warm meals and hope!

Perry, FL - Rapid Response

Perry, FL
September 3-17, 2023
Hurricane Idalia left thousands in need of hope and help in Northwest Florida.

Eight Days of Hope XIX

Fort Myers, FL
May20-27, 2023
Hurricane Ian devastated Southwest Florida, leaving many displaced months after the storm.

Eight Days of Hope XVIII

Lake Charles, LA
December 3-10, 2022
Five major storms devastated the Lake Charles area, leaving little ability to recover from the repeated damage.
Our Volunteers

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To date, we’ve had roughly 55,000 volunteers come from across the globe to spread God’s joy and serve His people. If you have a willing heart, regardless of age or skill level, click below to join the Eight Days of Hope family today!