Our Impact

When tragedy strikes, the Eight Days of Hope community comes together to share in something greater than itself. We lean into the calling of God and are blessed to help build up the Kingdom of God. It is our desire that through our ministries, we can spread restoration and new beginnings that rebuild not only structures and homes, but also the hope for each community and person recovering from unthinkable disaster.


Families Served


Meals Served



$83 Million

Dollars of Work

Loving and Serving
Across the Country

Disaster Rebuilding
Rapid Response

Have you been impacted by a recent disaster?

We are proud to have people, partners, and love ready to help those who are affected by natural disasters. Get in touch with us if your community is facing a disaster so we can see how to best offer assistance!

Our Volunteers

Become a Volunteer

To date, we’ve had roughly 55,000 volunteers come from across the globe to spread God’s joy and serve His people. If you have a willing heart, regardless of age or skill level, click below to join the Eight Days of Hope family today!