The Missionary Program

Eight Days of Hope is blessed with many wonderful volunteers from all around the country and even the world — many of whom have followed Eight Days of Hope on multiple rebuilding events and rapid response trips. Because of the commitment volunteers show to serve God and serve others, we felt called to launch our own missionary program.

Called to Serve

  • Our missionaries are volunteers who, through their own fundraising, selflessly serve others with EDOH across the country.
  • Eight Days of Hope works with Global Service Network to help our missionaries raise funds to serve year-round and provides unique access to professional leadership training opportunities.
  • We require a total of three outreaches with Eight Days of Hope, as well as being a part of our National Leadership Program, before one can apply for the missionary program. Each applicant must be connected with a local church.
Three volunteers
Join our missionary family

Apply Today 

We can’t do what we do without our missionaries. If you are interested in serving with us, please fill out the application below!

Please be aware that we only review applications and onboard new missionaries two times per year: January 1 and July 1. Applications are due by November 1 to begin January 1 or May 1 to begin July 1 as a missionary! 

Our missionaries

Meet Our Missionaries

Eight Days of Hope’s missionaries work to rebuild lives and share God’s word with communities in need. Your generosity helps them help countless others.