Eight Days of Hope XIX

FORT MYERS, FL | MAY 20-27, 2023

The Disaster

Hurricane Ian was the third costliest disaster ever in America, destroying thousands of homes and taking the lives of 149 people.  This storm ravaged Southwest Florida, leaving many families displaced months after the storm, still waiting for hope.

The Plan

Eight Days of Hope traveled to Fort Myers, FL, in partnership with the Heights Foundation and Summit Church, to help rebuild homes following the devastation of Category 4 Hurricane Ian. Immediately following the storm, our Rapid Response Ministry was able to serve the community for 5 weeks. We were humbled to return to help many of the same families move one step closer to restoration!

The Work

Our amazing volunteers served the Harlem Heights area of Ft. Myers. This is a community of 314 homes that are all about 1,400 square feet.  These families have lived in the area for generations, holding immense sentimental value to the homes that were damaged. What an honor it was to help bring renewal to these families! Through 1,040 volunteers, we loved and served 102 families, providing $2.4 million of donated work!