Eight Days of Hope XVII

LAPLACE, LA | APRIL 9-16, 2022

The Disaster

Hurricane Ida struck Louisiana on August 26, 2021, exactly 16 years after Hurricane Katrina – the storm that started Eight Days of Hope. With windspeeds over 149 mph, Hurricane Ida was the second-most damaging and intense hurricane to make landfall in Louisiana on record, following behind Hurricane Katrina. Ida left more than 1 million people without power and caused an estimated $75 billion in damages. Many of these damages to the uninsured and underinsured, leaving thousands without hope.

The Plan

Eight Days of Hope traveled back to LaPlace, LA, in partnership with St John Parish Long-Term Recovery Group, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, and New Wine Christian Fellowship Church. Our goal was to use the gifts that God has given us to bless others and share the love of Jesus!

The Work

Thousands of families in the area were trying to figure out how they can rebuild their homes because of the mass damage. Those who were waiting for assistance in the rebuilding process are looking for help, for hope. That is exactly what Eight Days of Hope came to bring! Through 1,500 volunteers, we loved and served 132 families with 355 projects, including an EDOH record of 38 full roof replacements! Only God!