Covid-19 has taken us all by surprise and has thrown a lot of our plans off course. However, it did not take our God by surprise. This virus has given the church a perfect opportunity to be a glimpse of Jesus in all we do!

Feeding Ministry

With many people unable to leave their homes, one of our national partners reached out to us and asked if we would like to be a part of a feeding initiative in Tupelo, MS, where our National Headquarters is located. We were all in! Over the course of two weeks, we were able to utilize our two kitchen trailers to provide almost 30,000 meals to those in need! How incredible is our God? He can turn a hopeless situation into something beautiful! He didn't stop there, just keep reading....

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Supplying Masks

Food isn't the only issue facing our communities. The shortage of masks has become a real problem in our health care institutions. Since our Rapid Response ministry uses the exact masks, N95, that most hospitals were requesting, it was no question how we were going to serve next. We were able to ship over 25,000 masks to hospitals around our country. God is so good!

Not only are hospitals in need, but areas that have an extreme amount of cases. Our Northeast Satellite in Buffalo sits in the heart of the 14215 zip code. Outside of NYC, this zip code has the most amount of cases of Covid-19 in America. With the demand to keep people from spreading the virus, we hosted a free mask drive! 7,500 masks were given out to this community. You should have seen the joy on people's faces when they received a simple mask with "Jesus loves you" on it. It was a day we will never forget.

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Providing Groceries

With Buffalo being one of the hardest hit areas with COVID-19, we reached out to a couple of local churches, organizations, and businesses to see how we could continue to serve this city. With the growing need for families to stay in their homes, we knew we had to find a way to bring essentials to them. After a lot of praying, we decided to launch a feeding initiative called Feed Buffalo. Feed Buffalo is designed to provided 1,000 families with groceries for one week! We came along side of the local church to receive the families that were in need in our community. Today, we are praising God that He allowed us, yet again, to be His hands and feet.

We are truly better together!

Shine Jesus Shine!

We are amazed at how God keeps using us and allowing us to be His hands and feet! This is the perfect opportunity for the church to shine. We are His body and He will make His name known through us! No matter where you are, ask how God might want to use you! If you feel led to give towards our efforts, you can mail us your gift at P.O. Box 3208, Tupelo, MS 38803 or click the "Donate" button at the top of your screen!