Eight Days of Hope XII

Black River, SC | October 8-15, 2016

In October 2015, a thousand-year flood caused widespread damage throughout the state of South Carolina. Our goal was simple: use the gifts that God has blessed us with to aid those who were in need of hope! We had a plan, but God had a much different plan! On day one of Eight Days of Hope XII, Hurricane Matthew hit the region.

This area had already experienced devastating destruction when the Black River flooded in 2015. Now, with the arrival of Hurricane Matthew, 25 more inches of rain fell over a short period of time, causing $22 billion of damage!

Almost 1,200 volunteers navigated the downed trees and the lack of power to help 89 homeowners rebuild their homes. In addition, because of the hurricane, our efforts were redirected as we helped clear roads, church driveways and trees off of 140 homes!

Never before have our volunteers endured so much while serving others. The team left exhausted but blessed as they touched many lives! We completed over $1.2 million of work, but the true measurement was not in dollars and cents, but in the love of Jesus that we shared with the residents of Kingstree, Andrews and Charleston.