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Eight Days of Hope is a non-profit organization that has successfully restored or rebuilt 7,208 homes following natural disasters since 2005. Volunteers from all 50 states and eleven countries have worked over 1,552,489 hours loving and serving those in need. In addition, our Rapid Response team has traveled to 39 different communities and has blessed 3,714 families within three days of the disaster! To date, Eight Days of Hope has completed over $55 million dollars of work - for free!
Volunteers have a unique opportunity to share the hope and love of Christ with those whose lives have been devastated by a disaster. Simply register and show up with a willing heart to serve!  You will get a chance to meet and work with thousands of believers from across the country! 

The impact of hope

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    “I believe actions speak louder than words. Eight Days of Hope is not just sharing the word of God but they are living out the word of God! Eight Days of Hope is a modern day good Samaritan story!

    Joe Dell - Waycross, Georgia
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    “I had the best time serving with Eight Days of Hope! I felt like I was closer to Heaven worshiping with 3,000 people every day, serving others in His name and for His glory!

    Daniela Mitrache - Richmond, Virginia
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    “This was the first mission trip for my husband and me. We were overwhelmed seeing over 3,000 volunteers under one roof, brought together for one reason, to show God's love. The homeowners and the people of Tupelo were so very welcoming. It was amazing to see how smoothly everything went. There was no downtime or wondering what to do next. Eight Days of Hope is wonderfully organized.”

    Cathey Wade - Mississippi
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    “I was able to introduce my youngest son Weston, to being the church instead of simply going to church. That was his first mission trip and he loved it! His second trip is in two weeks to Peru”.

    Gary Wilkins - Gates, NC
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    “To me, Eight Days of Hope is about the recharging of my spirit and faith. You go on the trip to serve someone in need and end up being blessed yourself. While serving, you walk so close to Christ that you return home from the trip so spiritually charged that you are compelled to tell everyone about the experience. Then you count down the days until the next Eight Days of Hope trip.”

    John Fuqua - Murray, Kentucky

Give to serve the brokenhearted today

Eight Days of Hope is a non-profit recovery organization that relies on donations from individuals, organizations, and local churches. As a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, all donations are tax-deductible. All donors will receive a donation statement for tax purposes by January 31st of the year following their donation.

If you need any support from Eight Days of Hope in order to share about this ministry with your church or business, please let us know.  

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Give to serve the brokenhearted today

Homes destroyed by Hurricane Michael