Executive Leadership & Board Members


Steve Tybor III

Steve Tybor III

CEO - President

Steve Tybor is one of the co-founders of Eight Days of Hope. Steve resides in Buffalo, New York. His wife of 34 years, Charmaine, and their five children, Stephen, Zachary, Hannah, Elise and Emma just moved back to NY after living in the south (Tupelo, MS.) for the past 19 years.  Hannah serves as an Ambassador with Eight Days of Hope. Steve spent over 30 years in the building material industry and recently served as a Vice President and Business Manager with ProVia. Steve left the business world on January 1st, 2017 to become the CEO - President for Eight Days of Hope. Steve and Charmaine have partnered with Global Outreach as full-time missionaries as a way to make this happen. (globaloutreach.org/north-america#/steve-and-charmaine-tybor/)

Steve serves as a Board of Director for other organizations including, "Bigger Than Ball" and "Branches Worldwide". He also has a passion for Christian Contemporary Music and has been a volunteer leader at the Kingdom Bound Christian Music Festival in upstate New York for 25 years. Steve is one of the two remaining original directors of Eight Days of Hope along with Wayne Vanlandingham.

Eight Days of Hope was meant to be a one time trip with a handful of friends to help after Hurricane Katrina. What God has done and is doing through Eight Days of Hope is simply amazing! Over one hundred twenty-five leaders from thirty states share the same passion - Love and Serve those in need! To God be the glory!

Wayne VanLandingham

Wayne VanLandingham

Vice President & Treasurer

Wayne VanLandingham has been a Director of Eight Days of Hope from its inception in 2005.  He currently serves as Vice President and Treasurer of the organization.  He and his wife Margaret have attended every Eight Days of Hope event to date. Wayne and Margaret met at The University of Mississippi while they were both pursuing degrees in Accountancy.  Their children, David and Elizabeth, have served on many Eight Days of Hope events. Margaret and Liz are Eight Days of Hope Ambassadors.

Wayne works as an accountant for a large regional bank headquartered in Tupelo, Mississippi.  He is a Deacon and Sunday school teacher at Wallerville Baptist Church in New Albany Mississippi.

“From the beginning to the present, I am continually amazed and excited at how God has chosen to bless this organization through the opening and closing of the particular doors we have encountered. I believe that He has guided this ministry to be exactly where we are today. I eagerly look forward to the new opportunities for this ministry in the future. Praise be to God!”




Topper, born Matthew Winfield Topper, is Secretary of Eight Days of Hope and the Director of Ministry. He was compelled to serve on the first Eight Days of Hope event and has been fortunate enough to serve on all subsequent events.  He has been a Director since Eight Days of Hope V held in December of 2007. Topper holds a Rhode Island trade license in Pipe Welding, Arboriculture, and is also a finish carpenter.  He is a founding member and Elder of Christ Reformed Presbyterian Church in East Providence, RI where he currently worships.  He resides in a coastal village of Providence, RI where he builds handmade custom motorcycles.

For me, there is nothing in life more fulfilling and exhilarating than watching God at work. Throughout my involvement in this ministry, I have been continually presented with experiences where He not only allows me a front row seat, He invites me to join Him. There is no greater honor that I can imagine.

Dan Garrick

Dan Garrick

Dan Garrick has been an Eight Days of Hope volunteer since Eight Days of Hope I in December 2005. After serving as an Ambassador for several years, Dan became a director in 2014. Dan attended Northwest Nazarene College and has been married to his wife Jena for the last 32 years. He has four children - Nathaniel, Amanda, Nicholas, and Benjamin, and six awesome grandchildren. Dan resides in Baker City, Oregon. Dan has also served for seven years on the local school board. He is the Construction Manager of a general contracting business. Dan has been in the construction industry for over 30 years; Dan served in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as the Construction Manager for the Linn Area Long Term Recovery Coalition for 2 years. Dan has been part of many mission trips, both stateside and abroad. Dan currently has duties as the Construction Manager with 8DOH during events.

God called me to use my talents and gifts for him, and Eight Days of Hope has given me an avenue to use them. If you want to see Christ's church at work, come and watch what he does with everyday people from blue collar and white collar walks of life. It will change your life! The best part of 8DOH is that God is in charge. I have seen miracles and hundreds of peoples' lives changed at every 8DOH trip.

Butch Price

Butch Price

Butch Price has been a volunteer since Eight Days of Hope I and a Director since 2008, consistently leading the Electrical/Mechanical division of Jobs Management.  Butch began his career in the electrical/construction field by apprenticing to Journeyman.  He served in many leadership roles for a commercial and industrial electrical contractor before retiring in 2000 after 36 years of service.

Butch’s home is in Bolivar, OH where he resides with his wife, Juliene. They have been married for over 50 years! They have one son, Todd, daughter-in-law, Amy and two grandsons, Tyler and Aaron.

Butch is a member of NewPointe Community Church in Dover, OH where he serves on the Mentor and Facility teams. 

When not volunteering or traveling, he enjoys spending time with family and at their cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Butch loves working for the Head Carpenter wherever He leads.

Eight Days of Hope is the body of Christ coming together to do His work. We are like family. I appreciate all the new brothers and sisters in Christ that I have met through this ministry!

Juliene Price

Juliene Price

Juliene Price has been an Eight Days of Hope volunteer since Eight Days of Hope I and a Director since 2008.  She has worked in Jobs Management for ten events.  Her expertise in managing high volumes of personnel and data was refined through 22 years as Operations/Office Manager at Lifetouch National School Studios.  Juliene retired in 1999.

Juliene lives in Bolivar, OH with her husband, Butch, of over 50 years. They are blessed with one son, Todd, daughter-in-law, Amy and two grandsons, Tyler and Aaron.

Juliene is a member of NewPointe Community Church in Dover, OH where she serves on the Mentor and the Central Business Operations teams.

Juliene loves the outdoors, especially in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in both summer and winter.  God has altered her plans for retirement but she wouldn't have it any other way.

During a particular service at our home church the Spirit moved me to stand and say YES! LORD. I believed God would eventually put a call on that YES, LORD. HE did. For me it was the first Eight Days of Hope trip. He opened the eyes of my heart. HE changed my heart and life for eternity! Thank you Jesus!

Todd Kandel

Todd Kandel

Todd Kandel joined Eight Days of Hope as a volunteer on the first trip to help after Hurricane Katrina.  Todd lives in Sugarcreek, Ohio with his bride of 28 years Jolene and their three children Chelsea, Nick, & Megan. Chelsea & Nick have also volunteered on several Eight Days of Hope trips.Todd has served as an ambassador for Eight Days of Hope for the past three years and has been actively involved over the past two years with the rapid response team. Todd has been in the construction and building industry trades for 35 years, currently operating a construction company and a manufacturing building products division in Millersburg Ohio. He is actively involved in NewPointe Community Church in Dover.  
“I have always wondered, what is the meaning of God’s will in my life? It became crystal clear after my first trip to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. People are looking for hope, and we have the opportunity to share hope with them! I have not experienced anything so rewarding in my lifetime.”

David Fisher

David Fisher

David is from Longview, Texas and has served Eight Days of Hope since 2006 leading groups, managing projects, assessing, coordinating, directing safety and as an Ambassador. He and his wife Robin have been married for 31 years, have three daughters and eight grandchildren, many of whom have served on multiple Eight Days of Hope trips. He retired in 2004 after 31 years, with Eastman Chemical Company to go on staff at Fellowship Bible Church where he currently directs Men’s Ministry and Outreach. He has been around the world doing espionage for Jesus sharing the Gospel in closed countries.

“With Jesus and Eight Days of Hope, I am ALL IN! I love people and serving the least of these. I enjoy the privilege of being a vessel, used by God to pour out His amazing love and grace to hurting people. I truly believe Eight Days of Hope will see the return of our Lord!”

Ambassador Advisory Board

Sonshine Ashcraft, Pope, MS

Tim Baker, Tully, NY

Tommy Beard, Carthage, NC

Janet Blackley, Lockport, NY

Todd Blackley, Lockport, NY

Chris Blum, Mason City, IA

Duane Blum, Mason City, IA

Doug Brockelbank, Rock Hill, SC

Chris Chiles, New Albany, MS

Kevin Chunn, Pontotoc, MS

Matt Coblentz, New Philadelphia, OH

Mark Combs, Paducah, KY

Belinda Conerly, Abita Springs, LA

Curtis Conerly, Abita Springs, LA

Jeff Coombs, Longview, TX

Don Dabney, New Albany, MS

Harold Dawson, Dover, OH

Brian Dregits, Mishawaka, IN

David Driver, Bumpass, VA

Steve Duffley, Manchester, NH

Liz Easterling, Richland, MS

Diana Edwards, Maben, MS


Kenneth Estes, Saltillo, MS

Ty Fabling, Bumpass, VA

Mike Failla, Buffalo, NY

Tom Faulkner, Creston, NC

Karen Firebaugh, Bowerston, OH

Cody Fox, Lampasas, TX

Tina Freeman, Campbellsville, KY

John Fuqua, Paris, TN

Andre Guillory, Elton, LA

Adam Hames, Cedar Grove, TN

John Himes, Bolivar, OH

Jonathan Houghton, Stockton, NJ

Ruth King, Gilmer, TX

Roger Langford, New Albany, MS

Dave Lovasz, Glendora, CA

Tom Mason, Azusa, CA

Leo McCauley, Henrico, VA

Dave McConathy, Anacoco, LA

Mike McCord, Blue Springs, MS

Charlie McKinney, Bumpass, VA

Ron Melone, New Concord, KY

Jack Miller, Tupelo, MS


Matt Miller, Louisa, Va.

Kelsey Norton, Mt. Pleasant, IA

Tom Parrish, Odessa, TX

Jim Perry, Jackson, TN

Dana Pickens, Blue Springs, MS

Terry Pickens, Blue Springs, MS

Tim Poole, Laurinburg, NC

David Prince, Jackson, TN

Lesa Prince, Jackson, TN

Tyler Prince, Jackson, TN

Efrain Ramon, Naples, FL

Bob Reazin, LeRoy, KS

James Rhudy, Gatesville, TX

John Riley, Plantersville, MS

James Roberson, Fredricksburg, VA 

Bethany Robinson, LaPlace, LA

Ricky Russell, Benton, KY

Duane Sanders, Sheridan, AR

Sharon Sharp, Utica, MS

Chris Short, Meridian, MS

Mary Short, Meridian, MS

David Smith, Saltillo, MS



Ken Smith, Cranberry, PA

Preston Smith, Wheeling, WV

Mark Stump, New Washington, OH

Chad Stutzman, Millersburg, OH

Homer Tabor, Lampasas, TX

Johhny Thompson, New Albany, MS

Michael Thompson, Tupelo, MS

Lynne Traxler, Lenoir, NC

John Troyer, Sugarcreek, OH

Steve Tybor, Jr., North Tonawanda, NY

Margaret VanLandingham, New Albany, MS

Brian Weibel, Oak Harbor, OH

Chelsea West, Sugarcreek, OH

Debbie White, Columbia, KY

Doug White, Columbia, KY

Johnny Wildes, Waycross, GA

Keith Wright, Waycross, GA

Randy Young, Pontotoc, MS





Junior Advisory Board

Colleen Fabling, Bumpass, VA  

Jack Fabling, New Albany, MS



Hannah Houghton, Stockton, NJ

Kyla Rich, Mt. Pleasant, IA

Hannah Tybor, Tupelo, MS



John Tidwell, Tupelo, MS - Maintenance Manager


Chandler Gurley, Tupelo, MS - Administrative Assistant