Eight Days of Hope

Distribution Ministry

Distribution Ministry

Over the course of 16 rebuilding trips, Eight Days of Hope has seen firsthand the generosity of people through service, but also, through donated goods and items. In Lafayette, LA, we were blown away by the amount of furniture and appliances donated to help those in need. We witnessed it again in Houston, TX when Hurricane Harvey severely damaged the homes of so many citizens in multiple counties. Couches, mattresses, and so much more were distributed to hundreds of families that needed something to help put their homes back together. Out of God's provision, the Eight Days of Hope Distribution Ministry was born.  

Eight Days of Hope not only desires to rebuild homes affected by natural disasters but also to help families get back on their feet with basic furniture and appliance needs. Today, we have two warehouses with furniture, appliances, and building materials ready to be used to love and serve those in need!

Churches and Ministries

We would like to extend an invitation to churches and ministries to receive information on how you can request items on behalf of your church members or families in need in your community. To submit a distribution application, click the "Distribution Application" button on the right and fill out our form. Once you are approved, every other month we will send you a list of the items that are available in our warehouses; one is in Tupelo, MS, and the other is in Buffalo, NY.  We do ask that if you are approved and we have what you need, that you would be responsible for picking the items up from our warehouse.

If you desire to donate items to bless others in need please contact us at info@eightdaysofhope.com. We would love to partner with you in sharing Christ's love through service and gifts. God bless you!
Distribution Application