What is a Safe House Construction Ministry?

Modern-day slavery is the fastest-growing organized crime in the world. At Eight Days of Hope, we want to do our part to help set people free. By using the skills God has given us, we offer construction expertise from start to finish to help build and renovate homes where survivors can be safe and free to start a new life. We partner with ministries who are rescuing and restoring victims of sex trafficking and offer skilled leadership and labor to help with their new construction or renovation project.

Through meaningful partnerships, we are standing against slavery. Please join us in bringing redemption, stability, and hope to those who have lost so much.

Churches and Ministries

We would like to extend an invitation to churches and ministries to partner with us. If your organization is currently on mission to provide restoration for victims of sex trafficking, we offer skilled leadership and labor in order to assist with your new construction or renovation project for your Safe House or Safe Space ministry. Our skill set ranges from framing to installing drywall to plumbing to roofing and so much more. We will offer our services for fourteen days, partnering with you to make your vision come to life. In order for Eight Days of Hope to provide the best possible support, we ask for help with accommodations, food expenses, and by providing materials.

We'd love to discuss your project needs. To submit an application, click the "Safe House Application" button on the right-hand side of our page. We will follow-up with you via email or phone to discuss your plans and how we can best partner together. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can work together to fulfill this God-sized mission.