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Eight Days of Hope has touched thousands of families across America and with each home we help rebuild comes an opportunity to impact a life.  Take the time to see what Jesus is doing in and through the families that experience loss first-hand.

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I thank God for every one of you!
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I don't know what I would do without you
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I had no hope three days ago - Hurricane Florence
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EDOH XIV - XV Houston, TX. Chris & Selina M
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Eight Days of Hope XVI - Promotional Video

Written Testimony- Tracy Scoggins


To My Dear New Family,

How do I thank you all for taking me from a place of deep, dark despair to a feeling of indefinable hope and feeling loved and cared about? I have been thanking Our Lord mightily for sending you all my way and I know He understands my heart better than I can express.


I have been Blessed beyond any measure I could ever have imagined. With eyes closed, I can still hear the laughter of children working in my mess of a yard with utter selflessness and complete devotion to the true teachings of Jesus Christ.


I would have attended more suppers, but they're so often volunteers willing to stay late and get as much done as possible; hungry, and going back to sleep quarters that probably didn't allow great rest, yet no complaints did I hear from my new friends. Just cheerful service to Him.


My 4 feet of Harvey water house is turning into a home again thanks to the many, many hours of hard word so joyfully granted.


But there's more. One of my most challenging Spiritual stumbling blocks has been feeling unworthy. Not good enough to offer my testimony of Salvation to those who I knew needed it. I feared judgment and silent stone casting. No more! Each and every one of you made me feel not just "good enough" but you all empowered me to spread God's Word and Will. For that, there will never be adequate words of thanks. People live and die without ever meeting ONE person like you all. I was Blessed to know dozens, no hundreds who made me feel cared for and not alone. Thank you. Thank you.

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