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Eight Days of Hope is partnering with Hurricane Isaac victims to help rebuild LaPlace, LA March 9th-16th, 2013.  Online registration for Eight Days of Hope X opens January 1, 2013!  Check our FAQ page for more information.

Dear friend of Eight Days of Hope,

This disaster recovery ministry was only meant to be a one-time visit to the Gulf Coast with a handful of people after Hurricane Katrina, but God has allowed it to blossom into so much more!  Now on nine different occasions thousands of volunteers from around the country have ministered to the needs of disaster victims created by hurricanes, floods and tornadoes.  We have worked in Mississippi, Louisiana, Iowa, Tennessee, Alabama and most recently, on our ninth trip, we helped families in Pamlico County, North Carolina rebuild after Hurricane Irene.

Some of the highlights from our nine trips include:

*11,200 volunteers have participated in these recovery efforts!
*Eight Days of Hope has remodeled, refurbished or rebuilt 1,254 homes!
*Volunteers from 44 states and multiple countries have shown up to work over 321,000 hours during these nine trips!

$14.1 MILLION dollars of labor has been donated through Eight Days of Hope!

The real story behind Eight Days of Hope is how the lives of homeowners and volunteers are being changed forever through these recovery efforts.  We have one goal: Love people as Jesus loves us!  As a result, on these nine trips, our volunteers have come intending to bless others only to go home feeling like they were the ones being blessed.

In the first book of Peter, he tells us in verse 4:10 to use the gifts that God has given us to minister to one another. Eight Days of Hope aims to live out this call during our mission trips to disaster-stricken areas.

Please continue learning more about this grass roots effort that desires hope for those in need and is willing to sacrifice in order to bring it to them.  The number 8 symbolizes “new beginnings.” Our prayer is that you will feel called to make a difference with us one home and, more importantly, one life at a time and help bring a new beginning to families who are feeling hopeless.

May God bless you as you consider how you can make a difference with Eight Days of Hope!

Stephen Tybor III
President – Eight Days of Hope