News Channel 5 Nashville Tn November 26, 2010


by Kim Gebbia

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – While thousands flooded stores and malls across the mid-state Friday, others chose to help those flooded out of their homes six months ago.

The 8 Days of Hope organization came to Nashville last week and they’ve been giving exhausted flood victims a little help this holiday season.

For Walker Bryant, the nightmare started on a rainy Sunday in May when he returned home from church and saw flood waters covered everything but the roof of his home.

It’s when he said he realized the meaning of divine intervention.

“I said well why not me? I am just thankful not being in the house,” Bryant told NewsChannel 5.

And now, months later,  he is thankful for what he calls the angels inside his home.

“They are taking their time and reaching out to people less fortunate what can you do how can you thank a person that?” asked Bryant.

Volunteers from the 8 Days of Hope organization are putting floors, walls and insulation down for free, slowly making this flood ravaged house a home again.

“The flood was what, 6 months ago? And they feel like they’ve been forgotten and we want the homeowners to know they are not forgotten,” said volunteer Steve Smith said.

1,100 volunteers worked on 200 projects in Nashville this week. In Bryant’s home, they’ve done more in eight days than the 73-year-old has accomplished in six months.

“If it weren’t for these kind of people it would be really rough,” Bryant said.

The volunteers said they feel happy to help.

“People have lost hope because of mother nature so we just get a chance to give back so that is why we are here it’s giving hope to people who have lost it,” said Smith.

Smith and his son Preston came to Nashville from West Virginia for a holiday weekend they could be relaxing, eating or shopping, but say this mud floor is where they are supposed to be.

“These people have lost everything and all I am doing is giving back,” added Smith.

For them, helping Bryant put his life back together was all part of that bigger plan that began on a rainy Sunday six months ago.

“The fact that we all come together for one purpose, god has blessed us and we want to be able to bless other people,” said Smith.

“I thank God for people like the volunteers here, 8 days of hope, I can’t thank them enough for everything that they are doing,” said Bryant.

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