News 14 Carolina May 23, 2012:

Volunteer group helps Pamlico residents….

BAYBORO, N.C. — A hurricane victim we’ve been following since last year is finally receiving help from across the country.

More than 1,600 volunteers will be helping Pamlico County resident Geneva Gibbs said losing her home has taken an emotional and physical toll.

“It did, it made me sick. I lost weight, I went from 254 lbs to 181. It just grieved me to death,” said Gibbs.

After Irene swept the coast, her home was completely destroyed and she didn’t have insurance. Gibbs said she turned to prayer, hoping for a miracle.

“I feel like it’s all through the good Lord’s work,” said Gibbs. Now, help is on the way.

Eight Days of Hope is a group which brings volunteers from across the country together to help communities affected by natural disasters.

Volunteer Chris Short said they are honored to be helping coastal residents.

“We know it’s not always an easy thing for people to allow someone from the outside to come in and to open up to them,” said Short.

The group relies on donations to help buy materials and Gibbs says while she may not have much, she’s sharing what she has.

“I just gave them all I had to give, yes sir, to help them to get the materials and different stuff and I will want to join this disaster club from now on,” said Gibbs

She adds that she’s grateful for all the volunteers. “I am so glad I am in ya’lls heart and I want to thank-you,” said Gibbs.

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