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What is Eight Days of Hope XI all about?

On April 28th, tornadoes whipped through the Southeastern part of our country. Many states suffered significant damage. One of the cities that had a direct hit was Tupelo, Mississippi. Over 3,000 homes suffered damage within 60 miles, over 700 in Tupelo alone. Many of these families did not have the proper insurance and have little resources to rebuild. This is where we come in! Eight Days of Hope is working with local community leaders and the Community Based Recovery Committee to help rebuild these families’ homes. Our goal is to use the gifts that God has given us to bless others and share the love of Jesus!

What does it cost to attend Eight Days of Hope XI?

It is free! We provide the food and the lodging! You just have to show up with a willing heart to serve!

We rely on churches, businesses, individuals and our volunteers for donations. A typical budget for an Eight Days of Hope event can be anywhere between $300,000 and $500,000. Please consider donating to help these families rebuild!

What are the sleeping arrangements?

We will provide accommodations similar to our previous trips, churches, gyms and classrooms, segregated by gender. We will allow you the space to set up your own air mattresses, cots or foam pads that you bring from home. (Please keep the size of the air mattresses to queen size or less.) You may also bring a tent and camp outside if you prefer. There will be gender segregated showers and restrooms available.  If you are coming as a family and desire to be housed together, we suggest you bring a tent, RV or pursue hotel accommodations. If you are bringing an RV we have a spot for you that will be free! You will have to email us at 8daysofhope@gmail.com to reserve one. We have power (30 amp or 50 amp), water and a place for you to dump. There will be no showers at this location. Showers will be about a mile away.

If we want to book a hotel does Eight Days of Hope recommend any hotels that are offering special rates?

Yes! We have two hotels that we are recommending. These two hotels are the closest to our venues, very safe and are brand new!!! Candlewood Suites is at 79 North Gloster. You can call 662.553.4649 and use the code EDH to reserve. These rooms are $84.00 plus tax.  The other choice is a little bit more upscale. It is the Holiday Inn and Suites. It is located right next door at 923 North Gloster. Their phone number is 662.269.0096. The rate is $109.00 plus tax. Please use the code EDH when booking this. All rooms must be booked by July 3rd as there are a limited number of rooms available.

Do I have to bring my own food?

No. We will provide all of the food for all of our volunteers. We are looking for churches and businesses willing to underwrite this cost. With a donation of $2,500, a church or a business can supply the food necessary for  one meal. Please email us at 8daysofhope@gmail.com for more information. You can also elect to sponsor food for one entire day at $7,500. Please consider doing either of these as the food costs for 2,000 volunteers will exceed $60,000

What kind of work will we be doing?

The primary work will be the rebuilding of damaged homes. This includes electrical wiring, insulation, flooring, drywall, carpentry and painting. There will be much roofing and debris cleanup as well. We are also in need of people who have mechanical and plumbing skills. Beyond home restoration there are many support jobs which include data entry, transportation, laundry, cleaning, and lunch delivery service. There is definitely something for everyone’s skill set!

Should we bring tools?

Yes! Please bring any tools that you can, especially those that you would anticipate using. Air compressors, ladders, drills, drywall tools, paintbrushes…etc. are all needed. Eight Days of Hope has outfitted a tool trailer and will be bringing it to supplement any tools you may not own. On a side note, there is much tree removal work needed. If you are certified or are a professional please bring the appropriate equipment to help in this area

Can we bring our youth group or our children?

Yes, Eight Days of Hope is very family friendly! Every youth volunteer (under the age of 18) that comes without a parent but instead with another adult will need a special notarized release signed by one of his/her parents that we will keep on file at the registration tables. You must bring this with you when you check in. You can find this form on our website. We are asking for one adult chaperon for every four youth. Please remember that there will be unique sleeping arrangements separated by gender.

Families bringing their children will work side by side at the jobsites. If families wish to sleep together, there are local motels, campgrounds and RV sites available.

Do we have to stay for all Eight Days?

No. We are asking each volunteer to come for at least three full days. Please honor this request.

Is transportation provided from the area airports?

Yes. If you need transportation, please make sure you include your travel information on your volunteer form.  There are only three flights in and out of Tupelo every day so you might want to consider Memphis, MEM, 90 minutes away or Columbus, MS. which is 60 minutes away. We will only provide transportation to and from the Tupelo, TUP, and Columbus, GTR,  airports.

Can we bring our pets?

We are sorry, but bringing pets is not allowed for health and safety reasons. Please respect this rule. This will be strictly enforced.

If we are coming as a group can we fill out one volunteer form?

No, each volunteer needs to fill out a volunteer form at www.eightdaysofhope.com and include an email address. In the comments section of the volunteer form please make note that you are coming with a group and include the name of the group so we can try to lodge you at one site. All of the members of this group can use one email address for communication purposes.

What will be a typical day at Eight Days of Hope XI?

Breakfast will start around 5:45 and conclude around 7:00. We will spend 30 minutes together with a special time of worship and devotion before we head out to the work sites. Lunch will be delivered to the job sites. Supper will begin at 6:00 and conclude at 7:15. An optional devotion and worship time will follow! With the heat expected that time of the year in Tupelo this is subject to change to assure for safety.

Will there be any medical support at Eight Days of Hope XI?

Yes. We will have at least one Registered Nurse onsite. If you are a medical professional and would like to be added to our list of medical resources, please make a note in the Comments section of your registration form. We will need additional support in this area.

Can I bring my RV?

Yes. We have a few spots that are available at our Command Center. When you register please let us know that you will need one.

If we volunteer for the first day, Saturday, July 12th, when should we arrive?

The volunteer sign in area will open at 2:00 pm on Friday, July 11th. One week before you arrive you will receive detailed instructions with the information on where you are to go to check in. The first meal we will provide will be supper on Friday. If you choose to arrive that day please arrive no later than 8:15 pm. Remember that we ask that you serve for a minimum of three days. Please honor that request.

What times can we arrive to “check in” to Eight Days of Hope XI?

The registration desk will be open from 6:30 am to 8:00 at night. Please plan to arrive between these times. If you arrive after 8:00 pm you will need to find a local hotel until the morning.

Is there a cut-off date to volunteer for Eight Days of Hope XI?

Yes. The last day one can volunteer for Eight Days of Hope XI is Tuesday, July 1st.

What else can we do to prepare for 8 Days of Hope XI?

Please pray that God would be glorified by our actions. Pray for safety both while we work and with the heat we expect! Pray that God sends the people He wants to be a part of Eight Days of Hope XI. Pray that God will not only allow us to restore homes but that He opens up many doors for us as we encourage people in the name of Jesus Christ!

How can we help promote Eight Days of Hope?

We have prepared a letter that you can use to present to your Missions Board or Church Leadership to help raise awareness or ask for financial support. We also have a letter that one can use to ask businesses or individuals to help offset the dollars needed by Eight Days of Hope. We have a video on our website that you can download off YouTube to show at your church as well. Select the forms you'd like to download below.

Eight Days of Hope XI FAQ's

Eight Days of Hope XI Donation Letter

Eight Days of Hope XI Mission Board Letter

Eight Days of Hope Fast Facts